Rabbi Velvel Lipsker - Matzah: A Lesson In Humility
Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks - The Odd Seder Invitation
Rabbi Boruch Kaplan - The Multi-Dimensional Experience of the Passover Seder
Rabbi Yosef Y. Jacobson - Behind the Scenes of the Heavenly Drama
Mrs. Shimona Tzukernik - Moving out of our Box
Passover Channel
  • Tzama Lecha Nafshi

    Cantor Yitzchak Meir Helfgot

  • Archaeology and the Dead Sea Scrolls

    Professor Lawrence Schiffman

    A slide show and lecture on the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the archaeology of Qumrun and the ancient Jewish library found there, along with a discussion on the impact of these discoveries on our understanding of the history of Judaism an...

  • Kabbalah and the Psychology of the Soul: The Purpose of Evil

    Rabbi Ben Tzion Krasnianski

    Tanya, Cultivating the Inner Life Discover inner resource that could help you resolve the most troubling, vexing and intimate human dilemmas: Why is life such a struggle, a constant challenge? Why is my inner life so full of contradictions? How ...

  • Moshiach: A Fundamental Jewish Belief

    Rabbi Mendel Samuels

    Signs of Moshiach: after experiencing the unlimited pleasures of today's world, we can adopt a religious lifestyle. Rabbi Mendel Samuels explains the effect that Shabbtai Tzvi had on the Jews and the next 400 years of the people's rela...

  • The Matzah Debate: Round or Square

    Rabbi Avrohom Bergstein

    Do you go round or square on Pesach? Rabbi Avraham Bergstein teaches the history of baking matzah, and the significance of the shape, from the cakes that Avraham served the visiting angels, to the disputes about machine matzahs. Included i...

  • Moshiach in His Time A Conversation with Dr. Michael Kigel

    Dr. Michael Kigel

    Does the coming of Moshiach depend on what we do, or is he just going to show up whenever he wants? Listen in on a fascinating conversation between Rabbi Immanuel Shochet and Dr. Michael Kigel, and gain a new perspective on your personal ...

  • The Names of the Holiday

    Rabbi Eli Silberstein

    Though commonly refered to as Passover, or the Hebrew, "Pesach," this holiday actually has a few names.  Where do these names come from? Who uses each name?  Rabbi Eli Silberstein expains the origin of the names of Passover as ...

  • Women of the Exodus: Yocheved and Miriam

    Mrs. Shimona Tzukernik

    Yocheved and Miraim were perhaps two of the most well known women surrounding the Exodus from Egypt.  Yocheved represents the Jewish people's life in Egypt, while Miriam was the daughter who helped to hail the redemption.  In this se...

  • Passover: It's all for the Kids

    Rabbi Chaim Miller

    Rabbi Chaim Miller is the author of the Slager Haggadah published by Kol Menachem, New York. To purchase his Hagaddah, click here....

  • The Theme of Passover

    Rabbi Yossi Paltiel


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